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MediaBear specializes in quality original content creation — including the written word, pictures, graphics, audio, and video for both the print and online media environments.

MediaBear offers independent consulting and editing services — we will work with you to refine and maximize your existing assets and strategies.

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Increase Your Internet Visibility

If you are a small business, nonprofit, or an individual on a mission, MediaBear can help you be heard effectively.

The "For the People" Net Neutrality Act has become the law of the land. This is a good thing for the Little Guy.

It means a small business or aspiring organization can publish online with the certainty of knowing that their voice — as well as their products and services — can be heard and supported.

The Internet is not just an arena for the Big Guys. With Net Neutrality the Internet will remain a place for everyone, large and small, to prosper. The adage, "build it and they will come," remains a real possibility.

Put it out there, and you have a chance of being heard. That's what online freedom of speech is all about.  

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MediaBear provides targeted advertising opportunities on our
global specific-interest websites & our regional Western North Carolina websites

Our suite of websites can enable you get your message out at very affordable rates. These websites have high visibility on the internet Search Engines, including Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo.

Many of our websites have been up and running for over 15 years. This long-term presence on the internet gives us high visibility and credibility in both Western North Carolina and globally,

We have always focused on keeping our websites loaded with regularly updated original articles, commentary, news and community information, which further enhances their reputation and exposure.

We've done the legwork for you over the decades and make it easy for you to get on board and benefit from that long-term internet presence.

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We specialize in professional writing, editing and content creation services -- including the written word, photographs, graphics, audio and video in both the print and digital environments.

We provide discrete, well-researched, original content creation for our clients in any venue.

This includes ghostwritten columns, feature articles, in-depth interviews, books, training manuals, pamphlets, workbooks and video scripts. Be assured that client discretion and confidentiality are paramount at MediaBear.

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We provide publishing services of all types of media and markets.

We can help you get published, seen and heard in both the print and online world.

Our team has been working in communications and marketing for over 40 years. We stay current with all new developments, while maintaining our expertise in traditional markets and distribution outlets. We go with what works, not necessarily what happens to be trending in the last 24 hours.

Mediabear maintains a suite of websites that have a high presence on the Internet Search Engines to provide excellent but low-cost exposure for your project. We specialize in hybrid projects, combining online and print campaigns.

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